Polyform — S Series Buoys

The S Series is an excellent choice for multi-purpose applications.

  • Yellow (F)
  • Red (F)
  • Green (F)
  • White
  • Blue

(F) = Fluorescent Find a Retailer


  • Even wall thickness for maximum strength and durability
  • Reinforced ropehold
  • Polyform's unique vinyl valve system
  • Used in a variety of applications:
    • Small mooring buoy
    • AWSA approved boat guide marker
    • Fender for jet skis and boats up to 20'
    • Marker for small lobster or crab pots
    • Offered in five colors

The adaptable S Series S-1 buoy is an excellent choice for multipurpose applications. Use as a fender or mooring buoy for small boats and jet skis. Its compact size is perfect when storage space is limited. The S Series' elongated design allows it so sit higher in the water than an ordinary round buoy. Replace the "bleach bottle" when small pot and trap fishing with a durable, distinctly visible marker buoy. Water sport associations and competition enthusiasts combine the S-1 "boat guide" with the Polyform WS-1 Slalom Buoy as a complete course-marker package. For high-performance or leisure water sports, choose the versatile S Series S-1 for your small fender and buoy needs.

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